Day 15 of The Honest Kitchen *Update*

Today marks day 15 of feeding the dogs The Honest Kitchen. Only 2 of our 3 dogs are are still 100% only eating THK. The 2 that are still eating this (Alcide & Paisley) are doing great on it. Hayley just didn’t enjoy it, I’m not sure if it was the soupy texture or what. Also another component we thought why she wasn’t eating it is because of all the fireworks going on around us. The reason I say that is because I went out and bought the usual canned food and dry food and she still wasn’t eating all of that. She doe s seem much better now that the 4th is over and she has begun eating THK as a topper over her kibble, but has not fully switched to THK.

We did notice that Hayley and Alcide enjoy their THK with a little more water. Paisley will eat it either way.

Stools: Now let’s talk about their stools.. Alcide and Paisley are eating just strictly The Honest Kitchen (no kibble, etc.) I have noticed that they have more stools a day than when they were on just kibble and wet food. They are going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day.

*Before the Honest Kitchen, Hayley had a few spots on her back that had missing hair and now that she’s had THK added to her diet we have noticed the hairless spots now have hair! As for Paisley and Alcide their coats are shiny as can be.






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