Work in progress..

We’ve been busy lately! If you all remember we bought a house in late 2016 (that’s a work in progress) and we have been updating it ever since (new flooring all through the house, painting, dry walling, updating kitchen, installing fencing for the dogs in our back yard.) Well now….we are working on the outside of the house since it’s been nice out. We have met with several people about more house remodeling projects. Our newest project is hiring a contractor to get our new roof installed, new siding on our house and garage and all new windows through the house. I can’t wait! We also met with another company yesterday who is going to be installing our new mud room flooring. So I have not been able to blog as much as I hoped. Between all the house projects, work, the animals and family life there’s hardly even time for eating or sleeping. (Just kidding there is always time for eating and sleeping.)


Also more updates: I found out I’m going to be an auntie once again! January can’t come soon enough!

Here’s a picture of Alcide–he was exhausted from all the excitement of all the new visitors!






7 thoughts on “Work in progress..

  1. Have you considered a solar roof? We’re looking at getting that within the next 5 years. Whew, constant house projects are costly and exhausting. Good luck!


    1. Yes we have, my husband is big into the solar powered roofs, they even have some now that are solar power panels, but look like shingles–how cool! This is just our “beginner home” so I am sure once we buy our “forever home” we will consider it more.

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      1. Yes, we are in our “until they carry my stiff, dead body out of here” home, LOL. It is the shingles we are going to eventually do. We want to pay off everything but the house and save most of the money first.

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