Mystery Box of Awesome FOR DOGS

Mini Mystery Dog Box


The dogs reviewed the Mystery Box of Awesome (for dogs) from here. That Daily Deal is a site for awesome sales at a discount–check em out!

What is a Mini Mystery Box of Awesome?: It is a monthly box delivered to your door full of random goodies for your pets.

How much is it?: ONLY $9.99!! This is a cheaper and smaller version of the Pet Treater box. These would be great for pet parents on a budget or just because! It’s like a birthday present for your dog–every month 🙂

This is a fun little box for a great deal! If you wanna check it out click here.


Treats: Ice Cream For Dogs! Just Add Hot Water, Freeze, Serve!! Retail: $6.99

IMG_20170729_105149030.jpgToys: Fox with tennis ball attached. Retail value: $7?


Collapsible dog bowl: Retail value $4? These would be good for walks or traveling.

Overall, these are a good idea and they are wallet friendly. You can still spoil your pup without spending loads of money!


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