Pet Treater

June Pet Treater!

We received a free Pet Treater Box that Pet Treater sent us for review purposes.

Get your own Pet Treater Box here.

What is Pet Treater? Pet Treater is a monthly box sent to your front door for your pups! You get a box full of pawesome dog goodies for a FRACTION of retail! It has everything from toys, treats and accessories (even something for the human too!)

How does Pet Treater Work?

1. Tell them about your pet (size, breed, etc.)

2. Select your plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or just once.)

3. Wait for the box of goodies to show up! It’s that simple 🙂

(If you are a first time customer you won’t receive a “themed” box instead you will receive a TRY IT OUT BOX which contains past favorites!! Those boxes will ship our right away.)

How much is Pet Treater? 

Just Once: $34.99

Auto Renew-Monthly: $24.99 per box

Auto Renew-3 Months: $22.99 per box ($68.97)

Auto Renew-6 Months: $21.99 per box ($131.94)

Auto Renew-12 Months: $19.99 ($239.88)

When does Pet Treater ship? 

Boxes will begin shipping between the 5th-10th of each month.

Every box that Pet Treater ships out a toy, bag of treats, blanket, etc will be donated to a shelter in need!!

Pet Treater boxes will never have treats from China.

BONUS! For a limited time, get a FREE DOG BED added to your first box when you choose a 3, 6 or 12 month plan! Use code FREE-PTBED during checkout!


Look at all the goodies in June’s Pet Treater!

IMG_20170621_120504620.jpgFetching Apparel if you purchase any products on their website 40& of profits go to help animal rescues! I actually checked out their site and they have very cute apparel and even doggie bandannas! Use the code PetTreater for 15% off your purchase.



Remember when Pet Treater use to have these on the insides of their boxes? Well they now send you a post card instead in case you wanna keep them! We like to hang them on our fridge. Our guests always get a good kick out of them.


Homemade natural dog ice cream cone treat! These are made hand made by:

Retail value: $1.25 each?

Also something new in the Pet Treater is  Mount Everlasting  Himalayan Chew (with a card explaining why this is not made in the USA)

Retail value: $3?



Yup, you read that right…MORE TREATS!


Retail Value: $3.33 find out more about these bars here:



Retail value:$ 4.59


TOYS: For toys we have a screaming monkey, which is a toy that was received in a past box, but our dogs love it. Our last monkey stopped screaming (THANK GOODNESS) so this was they are enjoying way more. Retail Value for monkey: couldn’t find the price but I am guessing since this thing is pretty big at least $10.00 or more. Next toy is a float-able Orange Popsicle.  Retail value: $4? And then last toy is a Smart Paw Honey Comb big bone dog toy. This toy bounces all over when you throw it and even floats too! Retail value: $4.00


Alcide loves his Orange Popsicle.

IMG_20170621_120634918.jpgExtras: Finger Dog Tooth Brush. Good we needed more of these. Do you brush your dogs teeth? If not you should! Retail value: $3.99

IMG_20170621_120655477.jpgI love this harness so much it is so cute and it can store dog poop bags! It has pockets on both sides to store your phone or whatever you want! Retail value: $9.99

I think she looks so cute! I will let you know how strong this is, I am hoping it is strong enough our dogs are all 70 plus pounds and we usually use metal clasping harnesses and this one is plastic so I am not sure how well this will hold up. I know it would work great for a small dog though or a (non puller)


For the human: This is a wrist band that you can use if you’re jogging or walking your dog. Or just hate carrying a purse like myself most days. This can hold your keys, card and cash. It’s even reflective and very stretchy material! Retail value: $14.78

Total retail value inside June Pet Treater: $54.93

We love seeing what’s in our Pet Treater box every month so if you would like to try it for your pups just click below.

If you would like to try your own Pet Treater box.. Just click here.

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