Dog collars all the time?

Do you allow your dogs to wear their collars all the time?

I have seen this question all over the internet lately and I wanted to answer it and see if your dogs wear their collars all the time.

Our answer: No. Our dogs only wear their collars when we leave our property (car ride, walks, trip to vet, etc.) Our dogs all have a microchip, so if they were to escape the yard or somehow get away from us on our property they will still be tracked back to us. Our reasoning why they do not wear collars inside the house and especially when we are not home:

1. We have three rambunctious dogs. They love to wrestle and especially love to pull on each others necks.

2. Hayley (when she was a puppy) actually got her collar pulled up around her neck and caught in her mouth. We caught her instantly before something bad could have happened, but it still happened and scared us.

3. Collars can easy get snagged/caught on things and choke them. 

Do your dogs wear their collars all the time?? Have you ever had any incidents where your dog or cat could have been injured from their collar?



21 thoughts on “Dog collars all the time?

  1. Always. Shadow is mellow (vs. rambunctious) and has a quick-release clip on her collar. Ducky is faster than lightning and if she got out – even accidentally – from either the house, yard, or daycare, I want her to have the additional id info on the tags as well as the chip. Her collar also has a quick-release clip on it.

    Every dog I’ve ever had (since 1957) has always worn her collar and never suffered hair loss around the neck.

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  2. I only used easy release collars on cats as they are constantly jumping & climbing and it’s too easy to get caught up on something, but with my current cats, I gave up trying to keep a collar on either of them. They just lose them. I keep one on my dog at all times. If I didn’t, I would forget to put it on when needed. And if he ever got lose or I need to pull him back when a visitor is here and he doesn’t know yet the person is okay.. I need the collar to be there for me to grab. It’s safer to keep it on. Interesting to think about, though.

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  3. They used to wear their collars first the first thing in the morning until the last thing at night. One day Sidney started to stumble around and I was getting ready to take him to the vet when I noticed that his dewclaw was caught in his collar.As soon as I extricated the dewclaw from the collar, all was fine. Shelby also has a dewclaw and she only wears her collar on walks. Sophie does not have a dewclaw and she has her collar on. They never go outside by themselves.


    1. We also never let our dogs outside by themselves. We have an 8 foot fence but we still stand right at the door where we can see them (if it’s cold) if it’s nice and warm we go out together and play. Good thing you caught Sidney before something bad happened. Collars have there pros and cons that’s for sure

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  4. The collars are on the fur-kids 24/7 and never removed unless they are being bathed and then replaced as soon as their grooming sessions are complete. Even though both are chipped, they’re vaccination, identification and certification tags are on their collars; it’s my ace in the hole. 🙂

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    1. Our dogs are super rambunctious so no collars for us unless we go on walks. Plus they can’t easily escape from indoors anyways cause there’s three doors they would have to squeeze out of. That’s good that your two can wear their collars with no problems.

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  5. We have had the tags on a collar get caught in the heat duct cover and pull it right out of the floor. Luckily we were home and able to quickly get the collar off (quick release) and then untangle the cover. Now we have the collars embroidered with name and number – which is way easier to see than any tag was.
    I take it off occasionally for a good neck scratching but she wears it most of the time. Although, as I look over at her now, I see that she is not currently wearing it. It came off last night while she laid on the couch next to me and I scratched her neck.

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    1. We have leather collars also that are embroidered, but still have their rabies tags on their collars. Our cats use to get caught in the heat ducts too! Crazy.. They now wear the break free collars (if they keep them on they love to play and wrestle so sometimes they don’t stay on very long lol.)

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  6. Tippy wears her collar 24/7, except when she is getting a bath. Then, it is right back on. I haven’t noticed any fur loss around the neck and she hasn’t had any close calls. I figure leaving it on makes it more comfortable, because they get used to it. I always imagine it is kind of like wearing a watch or a wedding ring. When you don’t have it on, you feel naked.


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