Pet Treater

February Pet Treater

The February Pet Treater box is here! Sorry it is a little late this month..

We received a free Pet Treater Box that Pet Treater sent us for review purposes. Get your own Pet Treater Box here.

What is Pet Treater? Pet Treater is a monthly box sent to your front door for your pups! You get a box full of pawesome dog goodies for a FRACTION of retail! It has everything from toys, treats and accessories (even something for the human too!)

How does Pet Treater Work? 1. Tell them about your pet.

2. Select your plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or just once.)

3. Wait for the box of goodies to show up! It’s that simple 🙂

(If you are a first time customer you won’t receive a “themed” box instead you will receive a TRY IT OUT BOX which contains past favorites!! Those boxes will ship our right away.)

How much is Pet Treater? 

Just Once: $34.99

Auto Renew-Monthly: $24.99 per box

Auto Renew-3 Months: $22.99 per box ($68.97)

Auto Renew-6 Months: $21.99 per box ($131.94)

Auto Renew-12 Months: $19.99 ($239.88)

When does Pet Treater ship? 

Boxes will begin shipping between the 5th-10th of each month.

Every box that Pet Treater ships out a toy, bag of treats, blanket, etc will be donated to a shelter in need!!

Pet Treater boxes will never have treats from China.

BONUS! For a limited time, get a FREE DOG BED added to your first box when you choose a 3, 6 or 12 month plan! Use code FREE-PTBED during checkout!


First it always comes with a letter addressed to your pups (hand written for a nice personal touch) The letters are usually written by another pup saying thank you for purchasing a Pet Treater box because Pet Treater then donates treats, toys, blankets, etc to pups in a shelter waiting for their furever home.


Treats!! *No treats from China*

You always get a home made cookie that matches the theme or holiday. Then we have some Bully Sticks *USA made* and then Dentley’s  dog treats.

Next is a cute Valentine’s Day bandanna. “Free Slobbery Kisses”

This month’s box came with a book this time to test your dog to see how smart he/she is. This book has some interesting facts in it about dogs and little tests to test your dogs intelligence. Very cool–I will have to test my dogs and let you know how they do!


Next we have a lint roller–LOVE! Every pet owners needs one of these.


ASPCA Tennis Ball Rope and a Squeaky Stuffed Dragon Toy


For the human: SOCKS! I know I say this every month, but I love that they do this..Pet Owners deserve a little surprise too!


Coming in next month’s box: Kiss Me, I’m Cute

The dogs get so excited every time I walk through the door with a Pet Treater box in my hands..They love everything inside, every time.

Get yours today! Just click here.


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