Chewy Cat Treats Review



Chewy sent us their Temptation Cat Treats & Snacky Mouse for review purposes.

You can purchase these cat treats at for $6.38! The snacky mouse is also available for $3.12!

Flavors to choose from:

  • Mixups Surfers Delight
  • Backyard Cookout
  • Tasty Chicken
  • Mixups Catnip Fever
  • Creamy Dairy
  • Seafood Melody
  • Savory Salmon

Cat Treats:

  • These come in a 16oz container that keeps the cat treats fresh!
  • Crunchy outside with soft meaty center
  • No artificial flavors
  • Under 2 calories per treat
  • 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cats
  • Our cats loved these treats!


Snacky Mouse:

  • Interactive cat treat dispenser
  • Fill up the bottom weighted wobble toy with your cats treats & watch them have a blast
  • Helps keep your cats active
  • Quick & easy to assemble
  • Our cats love kitty toys especially filled with treats!

Step 1: Remove mouses head

Step 2: Add your cats favorite treats

Step 3: Watch them play 🙂

*Note* These products were sent to us for free to review. We are not paid for our honest opinions for reviewing products. We are apart of the Chewy Blogger Program.



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